by Carolyn Greenwald | illustrated by Suzy Hill

© 2014 Suca Arts LLC
The Gelt Giving Golem game is a fun and easy new Hanukkah tradition meant to bring families together. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Read the tale!
Your children will love the story of The Gelt Giving Golem. It has old world charm, adventure and chocolate. What could be better?

2. Name your golem!
Silly or classic--it's up to your family. Write this name into the page provided in the book. (The names in the story honor some of Carolyn's relatives, and you may want to do the same.)

3. Leave Chocolate!
Then, every day of Hanukkah, encourage and look for good behavior, charity, and other acts of kindness from your children or grandchildren.
If the children
are well-behaved, leave a piece of chocolate gelt to find when they wake up. (Of course, if they do not find a piece of gelt, they may just have to try harder the next day to earn one!)

4. Pose your golem!
The Golem's bendable arms and legs and hook and loop pads allow for easy positioning. F
or ideas, take a look at some of the Golem's Antics. The kids will have tons of fun looking for their golem and finding him doing something silly like swinging from the chandelier or climbing up the refrigerator.

‚ÄčThe Gelt Giving Golem can help your family make doing good and being good a part of your Hanukkah tradition. As your children age, the good behavior they use to impress the Golem will become a habit that will last a lifetime.